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Feed on

I always keep a copy of this info nearby for visiting friends and family that may cave to the “big eyes, poor me, doggie faces”  that Aonghus or Gwendolyn can give them. The “Oh I’m so hungry and really, really need a bite of your candybar look.”

This list is a compilation from Dr. Weil, Workingdogs.com, and info from Petsburgh Zoo.  Please see note at the bottom too!

Stay away from:
1. Chocolate –There is a chemical in chocolate, theobromine, that can cause epileptic seizures in dogs. It can also cause increased heart rate, over stimulation of the central nervous system and constriction of arteries. Symptoms range from vomiting, diarrhea and hyper behavior to cardiac failure, seizures and death. Baking chocolate is the most lethal because it has the highest amount
of theobromine. If you suspect your dog has eaten some chocolate and is very agitated, put Rescue Remedy (available at most health food stores) in her water and feed her a lot of water to flush the system. If the dog does not vomit up the chocolate, or if he shows signs of illness such as repeated vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, excessive panting or seizures, get to the veterinarian or emergency animal hospital immediately.
2. Moldy or spoiled foods — –If you don’t want to eat it, don’t give it to your dog. Food gone bad can cause symptoms from diarrhea to mycotoxin poisoning.

3. Avocados contain a toxic component called persin. This can damage heart, lung and other tissue in animals. Avocados are also high in fat and can cause stomach upset and vomiting. Additionally, the pit is toxic, and if it gets stuck in the intestinal tract, it can cause a severe blockage requiring surgery.

4. Avoid Salt —  It cause electrolyte —imbalances in the natural potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, and phosphorous make up of the body.
5. Fatty foods– like Chicken Fat and other meat fat– Fatty foods can lead to gastrointestinal upset, digestive disorders and pancreas inflammation. Symptoms of inflammation include abdomen pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and depression, and this condition can even result in death.

6. Onions– Onions and onion powder can damage pets’ red blood cells causing anemia and breathing difficulties. Be aware if you feed baby food to your dog that many of them are high in salt content and onion flavor. Skip it. If you must use baby food to feed your dog, go organic.
7. Some Nuts– walnuts and macadamia are two.
8. Bread Dough– —It can rise in their stomachs causing abdominal pain, bloat, and vomiting. Surgery might be required to remove it if they’ve eaten a lot. If you’re baking bread, keep the dough well out of the reach of curious pets.
9. Grapes and/or Raisins — –According to the Animal Poison Control Center these have been linked with kidney failure if eaten in large doses. What’s a large dose? Depends on the size of your dog. Best to skip them. Try baby carrots instead.
10. Caffeine and Alcohol– —They may be part of our lives, but they shouldn’t be part of our pets. Keep them away from pets. An ounce of alcohol can put a pet into a coma. Caffeine can affect the central nervous system and heart.

Note:  I do admit that we give Aonghus a cup of coffee at least three times, sometimes four times a week. He is an exception to the above rules.  Coffee helps Aonghus with his wobbler problems, and keep in mind that he is HUGE.  I’ve known of several other Wolfhounds that enjoy a morning cup of coffee. It really must be something about the breed!  I have discussed this strange part of our “big” guy’s diet with our vet and it’s all good.  Please, just be careful if you find yourself in the company of one of the special ones that thrive on some of the bad part of our human diets. We  don’t let Aonghus near the Irish Whiskey and have a plot in his name at Laphroaig.

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