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Even though Gwendolyn is getting HUGE… she’s still a playful spirited puppy that believes that anything round, or anything that falls from the sky, or anything that flutters is HERS!  I can see that she tries very hard to live by her own 20 second rule before she stakes claim to anything that falls on the floor. Sometimes her internal timer is completely off and I think she counts to five and then moves in for the snag.

She has a special interest in all things round. I realized that while this passion of hers is hilarious to watch it can also be dangerous because she is so curious sometimes. I was wondering who the nut lover was when the round hard-shelled nuts (especially the walnuts) started disappearing from a basket that I had sitting on an antique Chinese table in the entryway.  The table seemed to be much higher a few months ago.  Now it’s at eye level for Gwennie and I guess it looks to her like a basket of little round toys.

Macadamia nutsI’m sure nutshells are the wrong kind of fiber and just horrible for her teeth and gums. Even though the nuts in our basket are just normal run of the mill hard-shelled nuts, I was prompted to do some research.  I think it’s worth sharing that I’ve discovered that macadamia nuts can cause muscle and nervous-system problems in dogs. Possible signs of macadamia nut poisoning are vomiting, lethargy, weakness, increased body temperature, and tremors. We’ve moved the nuts now and our human and dog training continues.

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