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Gwendolyn enjoyed Aonghus's birthday too!

Gwendolyn enjoyed Aonghus's birthday too!

Aonghus and Gwendolyn had a fabulous time celebrating Aonghus’s eighth birthday last Saturday. I wanted to show photos of his special healthy (and very tasty) pupcakes but no one with a camera was quick enough! They were truly gone in a flash and all that was left were empty plates and smiles. It makes me think of a phrase I read a while back that goes something like, “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket then giving Fido only two of them.” Irish Wolfhounds make good accountants.

If you love dogs and you haven’t seen Be Good from “The Responsibility Project” then you are in for a treat!  Ahhh… the great and powerful positive impact of dogs.

The Responsibility Project

About Dog birthdays…

from Science Daily,

This new research claims that the dog appeared 16,000 years ago  somewhere south of the Yangtze River in China.  This study states that dogs had a single geographic origin and that they came from wolves. Read more at: sciencedaily.com

New research suggests that that East Asia is where the wolf was tamed and became the dog, some 16,000 years ago. (Credit: iStockphoto)

New research suggests that East Asia is where the wolf was tamed and became the dog, some 16,000 years ago. (Credit: iStockphoto)

Piloting PetsPilots N Paws moves pets from overcrowded shelters to new communities where they have a good opportunity for adoption.  They wouldn’t have a chance for survival in their current overcrowded shelters. The pilots donate their time, planes, and the fuel they use. I think this is fabulous!   Here’s their web address: http://www.pilotsnpaws.org


I want to mention how much we appreciate dog-friendly outdoor activities. Our local Carrollwood Cultural Center, which is in the Northwest area of Tampa, hosted an outdoor concert on Labor Day. The Coo Coo Ca Choo band performed outside to an enthusiastic audience.  It was a good time to help get Gwendolyn more used to crowds and noise. Aonghus is so social he sometimes acts like he has never met a stranger while Gwennie is a big toughie as long as she’s talking behind our wrought-iron gate. While I don’t want her to follow too closely in Aonghus’s social footsteps acting like he’s running for Mayor and kissing babies, I do want Gwennie to feel comfortable out and about. She did fabulously after a few seconds of sensory overload.  Wolfhounds are definitely people lovers and kid magnets. It was such a pleasure to hear Coo Coo Ca Choo and to meet Mary Ann Scialdo, Artistic Director at Carrollwood Cultural Center. Mary Ann told me that she lived in the same building in New York as the great American playwright, Edward Albee, and that she knew his Wolfhounds as well.  I can’t help but smile thinking about Edward Albee walking his Wolfhounds in NYC.

Albee said,  “Man thinks that he is the only species capable of feeling emotion,” he said, “but anyone who owns an Irish Wolfhound knows that’s not true.”

Albee said, “Man thinks that he is the only species capable of feeling emotion, but anyone who owns an Irish Wolfhound knows that’s not true.”

We will celebrate Aonghus’s 8th birthday on September 12th. What a special day this will be! We almost lost him to encephalitis when he was about a year old. Our vet sent us to a doggie neurologist who explained that dogs can contract the disease from sniffing where cats that carry the disease have been. So be careful when you take your doggies for walks in areas frequented by cats!  Aonghus’s health problems were what really initiated my search for quality dog food and treats which then became a passion for dog-friendly cooking and baking. Even though Aonghus has remained a wobbler, I attribute his longevity to eating quality food and lots and lots of constant affection. Eight years old is very senior for an Irish Wolfhound. I’ve read about a couple of Wolfhounds in Ireland that have lived over ten years. Hopefully we can get close to that!

I’ll post some photos of the big guy’s birthday.  We’d love to see some of your photos as well!


There’s absolutely nothing as refreshing on a hot summer day as a nice drink of cool water from the hose. Watering the flowers is always one of Aonghus’s favorite times.

More biscuits…

The Original Irish Biscuit

The Original Irish Biscuit

My Big Dog Original Irish Biscuits

Ingredients: oats, olive oil, water, powdered-milk, stone ground wheat flour, egg, buckwheat, dried bacon, grated cheese, buttermilk powder, vegetable protein, beef stock, cornmeal, rolled and kneaded on brown rice flour board.

Available in 3”  and 5″ bones, heart shapes, and paw print cookie

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